Saturday, August 30, 2014

First car accident

On our last day in Texas, we were driving back to Thom and Brittany's house from the bike rental store, when a tiny little dog started to dart out in front of the car in front of us. The lady immediately slammed on her breaks, and we did the same. Simultaneously the dog had second thoughts and turned right around to jump back into the bushes.  So we let off the brakes but unfortunately the lady driving the little smart car in front of us didn't see the dog's retreat and continued to break even harder to a complete stop on a busy 5 lane road.  By the time we realized she was stopping even more, it was too late and we rammed into the back of her car. That crunch of metal and plastic was unmistakable and I was surprised we hit her so hard/loud... I didn't think we were going that fast. All of our kids started crying and we immediately pulled over to the right. Everyone had seat belts on and no one was hurt, Charlie had a little red mark where his seat belt (not properly in the little slot on his booster seat) had rubbed his neck. While I was checking and calming the kids Chris walked over to the lady to see if she was ok. She immediately apologized saying she knew it was all her fault, but she just couldn't hit that little dog. She seemed pretty shook up and I tried to calm her down. Our car looked worse than her little smart car (go figure!) and we exchanged information. Apparently this was her first car accident which was kinda funny since it was our first one too. I'm glad Chris and I could both experience our first accident together, it would've been so much more stressful for me without him there.

Blessedly this all happened literally in front of a Geico and Honda partnered collision-repair body shop and Rental car center! Our van was leaking something from the hood so it was deemed undrivable.  The kids and I waited in the lobby while Chris worked out the details with the rental car people and the body shop people and Thom (who had driven over to help) unloaded and reloaded all of our things from our van to his van.  Luckily they were minutes away from a rental car hub so they could get us minivan within 20 minutes.  They said it would probably take about 10 days to fix our van, which would work out just fine since we were going to be in Utah for almost 2 weeks then instead of driving directly to MS from UT, we would just swing by TX again to pick up our van. Although the whole experience seemed really annoying to me in the moment (like really annoying), in hindsight I can see many blessings and am just grateful things went so smoothly... it could've been a lot worse! The $500 collision deductible wasn't too bad but combined with the $1000 for a rental car...ouch!

We had a new Chrysler Town and Country for the rest of our trip. The satellite radio was fun and the fold down captain seats were pretty cool, but we both missed our Odyssey.  


Sabrina Craig said...

Being in a car accident -- while as mild as this one -- must've been quite a shock for you guys, especially since it was your first time. It was a good thing that you all had your seatbelts on, and no one was injured, and that the other driver admitted fault, as well as cooperated completely when it came to filing the report and insurances. I guess there were still a lot of things to be thankful for.

Sabrina Craig @ Medical Attorney NY

Faith Brady said...

That must've been horrible! I can only imagine the shock the kids might have felt from that incident. Thank goodness no one was hurt, and the driver took responsibility for everything. I hope that would be the last time you would get into such incidents like that. Stay safe!

Faith Brady

Faith Brady said...
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Douglass said...

Oh no. That is no fun at all. My car was actually stolen a few weeks ago. I head a car dealer selling it for me and the guy who was test driving it just never came back. It was so bizarre. Thankfully insurance is handling it but I just did not expect that to happen. And it wasn't found.

Douglass @ Viva Kia