Saturday, August 30, 2014

Harkchibalders Reunion

The evening after our Betteridge reunion ended, we met up with our good friends from Canada, the Harkers! They happened to be in UT for a family reunion the same time as us and were able to stay around an extra few days to have a little Harkchibalders reunion with us. It was their first time meeting Frederick the Cutie Pie and our first time meeting little Layla, less than 2 months old. Obviously there is a match set in stone between the two and we decided to take some betrothal pictures:  (we honestly didn't stage any of the touching... I guess they agree with the arrangement!)

At least Freddy seems really happy about it.

We had fun taking them to see things around Provo. I thought it would be easier to wing it, but it turns out Provo has changed a lot and I don't super know lots of good kid-places. Whenever we're there we usually just hang out at Dixie's. We took them to the newly remolded Bean Museum and ate at the Cougar Eat on BYU campus.  We tried to get some ice cream from BYU's creamery but with all the EFY kids there, it was CRAZY packed and busy.. we decided to just go to a splash pad and get some ice cream from another place.  

Christy made us all these shirts. She's pretty cool like that. 

Christy and I were able to go on a run the morning they left (and my running buddy, Amy from MS who also happened to be in UT the same time came too!) but all too soon it was time to say goodbye. We've really missed this family and many of our other Edmonton friends, it was so good to see them. 


Christy Harker said...

So fun, yes and so short.
Layla looks at pictures of Frederick everyday....just kidding, but seriously it would be pretty amazing. Just think if we keep having kids we have a better chance of our families uniting.

Amy said...

I'm so glad we could meet up!! And, it was great to meet Christy! I miss having a running buddy here in Omaha!