Saturday, August 30, 2014

Herriman Time

Not many hours after the Harker's left, we met with some Betteridge family to go bowling at BYU. The kids love doing this and are getting pretty good! My mom and Hailey were still in UT from our Heber Reunion and so we spent some time with them too. We packed up all our stuff from the Archibald's (where us and the Harkers had stayed) and we camped out at Jared and Ashley's up in Herriman for a couple of days to get in some more time with my family. We were all kinda exhausted from everything that we took it pretty chill there and just basically played around the house. 

The little girls loved having a baby (someone younger than them?!) to play with and were happy to give Freddy toys...after toy, after toy. To me, Clara and Amelia still seem like little babies themselves! They enjoyed playing with the toys as much as they seemed to enjoy placing them by Frederick. 

For the most part, Frederick enjoyed the attention.

We did make it over to a neat store where they have an indoor Ferris wheel, which was fun to ride. I kept thinking we would play outside more and go to parks or the reservoir or something, because i thought UT would seem so much cooler after being in hot and humid MS and TX, but it still felt pretty hot. Inside stuff seemed the most appealing. 

At the moment, I can't think of anything else we really did...I guess we painted nails, watched movies, played with bubbles... Chris had to work most of those days, I think. Oh! Anthony and Amberly stopped by one day and we got to see them and their cute kids. We played a fun couch game where every person picks a famous person to 'be' and writes the name down on a paper. Then one person reads all the papers, only once and then everyone takes a turn making one guess at someone's name. Then if the guess is correct, the revealed person sits by their reveal-er and they become a team.  Also Anthony flew one of his remote controlled airplanes for us. Fun times. 

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