Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Home again and moving in!

After the Archibald fun in Utah, we stayed a day or two more to have some Betteridge time. My nephew, Tyler was getting baptized and my parents were flying in town for it. Now my dad could meet Frederick! The baptism went really well and even though my parents had to leave right after, we had enjoyed some talk time the night before and watched a movie. By Monday morning, we were ready to head back home and drove a different way home, first North, then East, crossing Wyoming and Nebraska (On the way there we went across Oklahoma, up through Kansas then West to Colorado and down south near Moab).

Pulling in we saw fireflys in our back yard! Although was way hot and muggy it helped life our spirits to see such a fun surprise. As we walked into our rental campus house, it was sort of depressing getting back to normal life in a dirty old house. But we had talked a lot on our drive and decided to just move into the house we just bought, despite the plans for renovations. Things were going a lot slower than we had hoped and it felt good to move forward with what we could control and not rush finding a contractor. 

So we started moving boxes over and gave our notice to the campus housing people that by the end of the month, we would be gone! We basically used our van to move things over in small loads. I would try and be packing all day and when Chris came home from work we'd take the seats out of our van and take a load over. On the weekends we would try to get a couple of loads in. This slow, piece-meal process was nice in that we could move ourselves by ourselves and unpack as we go...making our home we moved into not very chaotic/messy. But what I didn't expect was for this process to result in MASSIVE chaos on the moving out end. I hate living like that but across the 2-3 weeks it took we still needed SOME food and dishes in the cupboards and SOME clothes in our closets and SOME toys for the kids to play with and SOME towels and cleaning supplies, etc. We did borrow our realtor's company moving truck for the big stuff and asked a few guys from the branch to help. Then we finished up and cleaned the old house on our own. It was a LONG LONG process. I know it sounds prideful and stubborn to not want help moving, but after all the help we needed from this little branch to get us through the past 10 months of chemo, transplant, childcare, meals, cleaning, new baby, more meals, gifts, another hospital stay, etc... I just wanted to be independent and take care of my own stuff all by myself. 

A cute moment of Charlie pulling Alec on this trike...... reminds me of when Charlie got this trike for his birthday 3 years ago and how he pulled Alec on the back of it then, outside around our EV apartment:

My how time flies and how far we've come since then.

Frederick got placed in the willing hands of his siblings for most of the crazy packing/cleaning times. Poor guy. He's so loved. Charlie fell asleep holding him on a bunched up memory foam topper, but Frederick wiggled away and was screaming by the time I came up to find out what was happening. 

Our first dinner in our house on the first night sleeping there. Mcdonald's on the floor. :)

I caught Chris in a moment of contemplation out in our yard. I've seen him like this often and I find myself doing the same thing. Just walking around all the beautiful trees and space thinking and dreaming about all the potential.

The kids finally finished saving up for their big prize. Alec, in particular has been saving and earning smiley faces (the family currency) since last August. Gwen and Charlie have been working hard too and Alec decided to let them in his plan when he found out that if everyone pooled their smiley faces, they would only be a few hundred short. Also, once summer hit, we started awarding lots of smiley faces for finished chapter books. They wanted to get one of those cool looking plastic PowerWheels that looks like a real car, but Chris helped convince them to go for this Razor brand dune buggy since it could hold more weight and go much faster -- almost 10 mph -- on real rubber wheels.  I wish I weighed about 35 lbs less so I could ride on it too! 

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