Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Homemade Hot air balloon?

For as long as I've known Chris, I've heard about this mythical home-made hot air balloon that he made with his school class in Switzerland. Apparently it was very memorable and Chris has every so often expressed a wish to make it sometime. I pictured some small lantern-y thing and once I saw Tangled, I assumed it was a lot like those floating lanterns that Rapunzel was fixated on. 

We found ourselves with a spare couple of hours after we returned from the Heber Archibald Reunion and before heading over to my side of the family for a few days. It was the perfect time to try it! Chris was got all the supplies together and set to work at the table with the kids, some glue and tissue paper.

First you glue sheets together in pairs. I don't remember how many we did. A lot. Maybe 8 or so pairs.  

Then he glued some triangles on either ends and glued the pairs together.

Then he glued the bottom triangles all together and glued the edge of that to some foil and with wire hung a little tin (a cute burrito tin left over from the wedding).

Then he glued the top triangle pieces together and we taped all the corner seams so it would be as air tight as possible.

Then he poured rubbing alcohol over some cotton pads in the tin.

And lastly...light the alcohol soaked pads on fire!!

Oops. The tin was hung a little too low so the flames were licking the bottom edges of our tissue paper...

Instead of a hot air balloon we had a pyrotechnics show and watched the ashes float into the sky. It went REALLY fast. In seconds, our hours of work was gone. 

I can totally understand why Chris' memory is so awesome and I'm excited to try to make it again sometime. It was really fun.  Not to disappoint our aerial dreams, Edward prepared some rockets to launch. I guess Kayla has never seen him launch them before.  Wha?

Oh, and Frederick is still the Cutiest of Pies. 

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