Monday, August 25, 2014

The Wedding Extravaganza

Congratulations to Edward and Kayla! Chris and I first met Kayla in the temple a few days before their wedding. I felt instantly like she was such a sweet person. Their wedding was such a beautiful thing. I practically cried through the second half. I really enjoy sitting inside the temple with Chris watching a live wedding ceremony. It always helps me reflect back on our wedding, but also on our marriage as I listen to spiritual giants give wedding advice to the new couple. I always come away feeling inspired. (if I wasn't writing this post so many months late, I would have remembered some particulars about the advice that I LOVED...maybe I'll have Chris help me remember and come back later to add them in...something about  how the husband should view the wife and vise versa?)

Their reception was so beautiful and had so many decorations, it really looked so different from all the wedding receptions I've seen in that same place.  Such a fun evening. 

Can't resist taking pictures of my biggest and littlest boys. 

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