Monday, August 25, 2014

Utah! Hiking the Y

We drove to UT in a fury.  We're so excited for Edward and Kayla's wedding and an Archibald reunion. We haven't seen family in a long time and hardly anyone has met Frederick yet. Probably what led us to drive the 29 hour trip in a day and a half was that Chris' brother and his family were driving from TX to UT at the same time and by following their progress on our iphone app, we could try and time our arrival to match theirs as close as possible. The kids were champs, although Frederick was not very happy for the last 5 hours and I had to switch Chris - driving some curvy ravine roads in the dark because I couldn't handle his crying very well anymore. 

We met my sister and her kids at the base of the Y the morning after we arrived in Utah.  Thom, Brittany, their kids and Grandpa Archibald all came too.  Between us all we had 11 kids under the age of 10 and therefor didn't really plan on hiking the whole thing. 

But we made it!! All the way to the top! Crazy awesome. I couldn't believe that Gwen walked the whole way by herself.  Charlie and Alec practically ran up. No one even complained until handful of switchbacks from the top.  Grandpa saved the day with his camelback.

 "Grandpa, I'm thirsty!!"
 "Nice to meet you, Thirsty."  

Chris was very surprised at how hard it was for him. He's still on some heart medication that prevents his heart from working too hard so as to allow it time to heal properly from those harsh chemotherapy drugs. He's supposed to take it for a whole year. He had to stop at every switchback and rest for a good 5-10 min. We all waited at the top for him and were so proud and happy to see him come over that last crest.  Way to go, Chris! Also, we were excited to see he still had his backpack which had all of our family's water and fruit snacks for the kids. :) 

Charlie was pretty daring on the Y. He liked to walk up it and slide down it on his bum with his arms swinging by his side like he was walking down the sidewalk. Alec was always careful to keep a hand on the Y for stability and support. Gwen stayed close to me and Freddy enjoyed a little milk with a view. 

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