Monday, September 8, 2014

Back home and a new toy for Chris

We made a short stop at Thom and Brittany's (like a couple of hours) while we returned the rental car and picked up our van from the shop, looking as good as new. Then we hit the road again to finish the long long drive home: 29 car driving hours in 36 hours. 

It felt great to be back home. Already this house feels more like home (having lived there 3 weeks) than it ever did in our last place (having lived there 11 months.) By the way, this house makes the 9th place that Chris and I have lived out of 10 years of marriage. I think we're here to stay a good long while. 

The kids have really been enjoying the big bath in the master bathroom. Frederick usually enjoys being by his siblings but I think the usual chaos plus deep water and bubbles was a bit on the frightening side.

But after discovering that his hands and feet can splash the water and that bubbles taste interesting, he warmed up to the experience. Oh! how we all love this bright-eyed, kissable cheeked, smiley boy. 

There was one disappointment upon arriving home. There must have been a mix up with the guy we've hired to mow our lawn every 2 weeks because our grass was over 3 feet high and looked like it hadn't be mowed since before we even left! We had company coming over in a few days and the yard was not usable at all in that wild meadow state. This is the only picture I got of the tall grass.  Chris is out with our new chain saw trying to cut down this huge dead and diseased tree. 

There wasn't anything for us to do but go out and buy a riding lawn mower. We had planned to get one all along as it would practically pay for itself after a year of paying someone to mow it twice a month at $75 a time.  We debated between a regular tractor style mower that you could pull stuff behind and a zero-turn radius one. We got a medium to large size zero-turn radius mower and we're very happy with it.  With the grass at an average it-needs-a-trim state, it will only take Chris about 1 hour to cut the main sections, maybe 2 hours if he cut everywhere. Not as bad as we thought! Did I mention it is really fun to ride?

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