Friday, October 17, 2014

Beautiful Fall weather

We've been going to the park more often, Gwen, Frederick and I. The weather is just perfect. Still mostly nice, with a smattering of cold (like you need a jacket) and even a few hot days flung across the month. 

Frederick has been crawling for a month or two now and hasn't made too much progress on the walking front. All the other kids had a fairly quick transition between crawling and walking...but Frederick hardly gets any time to himself! He is constantly being carried and held and loved on. The kids are kinda sad that he's not content to just sit on their laps anymore and we're using phrases like, "Think about what Frederick wants to do" or "Its not 'playing with him' if he's crying" all the time. 

But sometimes he does get some time to himself and he is SUCH a curious boy. Any noise makes him turn his head to find out what it is: knocking, shower turning on, Gwen crying across the house, garage door closing etc. 

One of our favorite things to do now that the weather isn't too hot is play outside while we wait for Daddy to come home.

Da Da's home! Happiest time of the weekday.  

By the way, yes, people really are this crazy with their school pride here. Every Friday is Maroon Friday and if there is a big game the next day even the kids at school can wear Maroon instead of their usual school uniform/dress code. (oh and Gwen calls it, "Ramoon Friday") With Mississippi State Football climbing to the top of the rankings, things are getting pretty intense around here!

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Heather said...

Daddy coming home is the absolute best!!!