Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Oh my sweet Charlie. I love this boy so much. Last year his birthday got lost in the shuffle of our crazy cancer-fighting time, so I wanted to really try and make this year special for him. We had the usual breakfast in bed and surprised decorated the house a little the night before. 

He got to open one present in the morning...a batman jacket he had asked for at Costco a month or so ago and we surreptitiously put it in the cart. He was very pleased. 

Then it was a normal school day and Chris, Gwen, Frederick and I brought a treat for him to share with his class at lunch time. We had the sister missionaries stop by just before dinner so I asked them to join us and we had pudding cups to sing Happy Birthday since we were having his birthday cake at his party the next day. 

He wanted a costume party and with it being a week before Halloween, it worked out just fine. We just let the kids playoutside and then let them smash the wolverine pinanta Chris and I made the night before. WHEW...this whole thing actually was a lot of work and it makes me not want to do anymore birhday parties! I totally understand my mom's every-other-year, then every-four years rules. :) 

This year, Charlie's request for his cake was "A lime cake with wolverine and spider-man fighting 6 bad guys in a city." Huh. I tried my best. 

A week before his birthday we were killing time shopping up in Tupelo while Chris had Stake Meetings before the Adult Session of Stake Conference at which I was speaking. Charlie saw these cowboy boots and fell madly in love. I told him he could buy them with his own money and have them right now, or maybe he could ask for them for his birthday and get them in a week. He didn't want to wait a second and paid for them himself. He's worn them every day since then (and I'm writing this post a month later).

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Heather said...

How I also love our dear sweet Charlie! Tons of work to put on a fun party like that, but worth it to bring him joy :-)

Love love love the cowboy boots…wonder where your children got their love for cowboy boots?? Ha!