Saturday, August 9, 2014

First Day of School!

**Sorry its been a while! This post has been waiting as a draft all this time! I guess I forgot to actually post it**

Gwen's first day of preschool! She was so brave and excited until we were 2 feet from her classroom door. Then she sucked on her fingers and buried her head into my side. It took some extra time coaxing her to become engaged with some toys, but it happened and I was able to leave her smiling. 

Two days later the boys had their first day of school: Alec in 2nd grade and Charlie in Kindergarten. Both were a little nervous but easily went into their classrooms. (Maybe it helped that we were a few minutes late and there was no time to make a scene) Next year, I hope to be able to transition them with some more time and even snap a few pictures with their teacher. My mom always did that with us, although I sort of remember not really like having to pose for a picture with a complete stranger in a strange environment. In these pictures Charlie is holding his kinder mat, since Kindergarten is all day and they have a nap time. I remembered that he could bring a special blanket the night before the first day and I so wanted to make him a new special blanket. He loves having new things.  So I stayed up a little late throwing one together. It has footballs on one side and basketballs on the other with a yellow trim and his initials CA on one side. I had to make a matching pillow too, honestly, I had no choice. 

The first day of Kindergarten was just too big to pass up and I tried to at least take a picture of Charlie at his table, but he really didn't want to look at the camera or do anything that would draw the attention of his classmates/teacher. Cute kid. 

Alec didn't want to ride the bus, but I was waiting for almost 2 hours in carpool every day to pick them up.  We decided to at least try the bus for the second week of school. I wrote a note to each of the boys' teachers explaining it and Charlie's teacher was especially sympathetic towards my request of helping Charlie feel comfortable on the bus. She walked him to the bus herself and left a message for me on my phone to say he got on safely.  The bus driver mentioned to her that he wasn't able to turn around at our house and asked Charlie's teacher to tell me to meet them 'at the fork.' Well, we don't have a fork anywhere near our house so I took my best guess and waited for the bus. Chris actually followed the bus from the school. We wanted to know where on the route our house was and he wanted to make sure the boys made it home safe. He lost the bus when it pulled down a dirt driveway and so he just drove home. Seeing him pull up without the bus in sight made me nervous but it all worked out ok as it showed up within a minute or so. We had a special snack of donuts and popcorn waiting for the brave boys on the bus.  

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