Friday, October 31, 2014


We love to dress up around our house. The kids do it on a regular basis, but adding face paint and bucket loads of candy into the mix still makes Halloween a favorite around our house. 

We had a fun Branch Truck-or-Treat the Saturday before. We brought chili and popcorn. Frederick wore the traditional Tigger costume. Gwen was an ice princess, Charlie was wolverine (with some AWESOME claws that Chris made), and Alec was the green ninja from ninjago with a costume that I made him.  Even Chris and I dressed up. I a witch and Chris was...anyone know?

He was skeptical that anyone would know who he was. But if they were at all familiar with the show, they guessed it right away: Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes from BBC's recent TV show, Sherlock. One of the sister missionaries had said that Chris looks just like him once and that gave us the idea. I had thought about matching him somehow as Irene Adler but didn't think I could pull it off.

Gwen wore her batgirl costume for her Preschool party.


We tried to space out the sugar overload by doing the eat-a-donut-off-a-string game the night before.  I wasn't going to do it at all this year, but Chris had already bought donuts for his class for their midterm that day and had left overs... so we just had to play it. 

The boys couldn't wear their costumes to school, but it was "Red Ribbon Week" so they could wear pajamas for some reason. It was a pretty chilly day so I thought bread bowls and soup were in order. I made the bowls look like pumpkins by putting a knob on the top. They turned out pretty good, but the soup was a complete bust. Who messes up soup? 

Gwen chose to be a fairy for trick or treating and wanted face didn't look too bad in the dark from far away. :) 

Alec was being an absolute pill and almost didn't even get to go trick or treating. In typical fashion he BARELY pulled it together as the other kids and I were walking up to our neighbor's house.  But the rest of our neighborhood doesn't really do Trick or Treating so we hopped in the car and crashed a nearby neighborhood.  Too much candy, and lots of walking later...Chris and I put the kids to bed and watched a Wallendar episode on Netflix. Whew! What a long but fun day.

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Heather said...

Great costumes!!! Adorable kiddos...