Monday, October 20, 2014

Pumpkin patch

We made it out to the pumpkin patch in Caledonia as a family this year. We even brought some friends. Gwen and Freddy fell asleep on the 45 min drive out, so Chris offered to stay (and sleep) in the car with them while I took the boys into the maze. I was actually a bit nervous since I remember getting lost in one once on an Elementary School friend trip. I took a picture of it and the emergency number to call if you got lost just in case, but I didn't look at it once!

They had this game where if you found all 20 posts and wrote down the number of the tag attached to the post you could enter in for a chance to win some money. But all the posts were placed in the dead ends and I worried that running around with 2 five year olds, a 7 yr old and an 9 year would be too much. But the boys insisted and we actually got the hang of it! 40 min later, we found 19 of them and then exit and I tried to convince the boys that we could just call it quits, but they were insistent that we need to find the last one. We ran around a bit more and found it on the first dead-end off shoot at the beginning. Happy day! We found the last one! We just exited at the entrance to prevent the 5 year olds from collapsing. 

Gwen and Frederick woke up in time for her and I to have a fun ride, "just us girls" on the hayride. 

Then a quick stop at the actual pumpkin patch to pick out some pumpkins...

And as the car is getting loaded up I realized I didn't get a single picture of Frederick! I took him over to the giant pumpkins and snapped a few. I even got 2 of them with him looking at me!

Then we headed home for yet another bon fire and a hot dog roast and we found one family of our friends had come over to help chop up our tree! Dan had made some incredible progress chopping up the big branches and loading all the usable firewood up on his trailer and hauled it away. We're so grateful for the help!

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