Saturday, November 1, 2014

Finished clearing the tree debris!

Thanks to our good friend, again and again and again, we finally got the tree all cleared up! He came by again this past week to saw up the main trunk into lots of piece and again took them off to be firewood. Then Chris and I spent another Saturday morning hauling branches and branches into the bon fire. We had flames this time passing 25 feet high! This fire has had embers smoldering and burning constantly for a couple of weeks! Seriously. Even after a few rainfalls and a week after the last fire, I smelled and saw smoke coming from the ashes. We have like a 2 feet deep and 4 foot square pile of ashes.

Also on our to-do list this Saturday was to do one last mow of the yard before storing the mower out of the way for the garage renovation. Chris wrapped up each of the kids (except Frederick who doesn't like the loud noise) and let them drive the lawn mower for a bit. 

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dixie said...

What a huge job to get rid of your tree! Good work.