Monday, November 17, 2014

Storm shelter and Winter arrive

Our storm shelter has been delivered which is the first step in starting our first round of renovations for our house. Pretty exciting. This metal box is going to give us peace of mind during the tornado season and potentially save our lives! We got the largest one that seats 10-12 people. I can stand up in the middle and we hope that Chris won't have to hunch over when he's sitting on the bench inside. :) Now we are all set for the soil/concrete/foundation work on the new garage addition to begin! Hopefully it happens this week. 

We really are enjoying the fall weather and colors, but since I took these pictures, we've had much colder/windy/rainy weather and most of the leaves are gone and it really looks and feel like a Mississippi Winter! How exciting. 

The schools are really ultra cautious about the weather here and because the temperature (with windchill) was hovering around or below freezing, the kids don't get to go outside and play for their one and only 15 min recess. So we decided after school to hop our back fence and roam the farm lands of Mississippi State's South Farm. 

Besides Fall and the current state of our house, the other things we have to say goodbye to are Gweny's red cowboy boots. The soles are more often then not completely bent back in 1/2 and they've caused her a couple of crashes on her bikes already. Chris says shoe glue will fix the problem but I'm doubtful. I guess we'll see.

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dixie said...

I love that you have cows so close! So exciting to get your storm shelter and begin the remodeling! Good luck! love you.