Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Day 365 - Chris is 1 year old

1 year ago, Chris was on Day Zero, like this: 

(getting his stem cells injected back into his body after an intense week of chemotherapy)

And now, a year later we're celebrating our return to normal life. I asked Chris how he wanted to celebrate...maybe go out to dinner as a family...or a mid-week pizza and a movie night at home...or bake a special cake, etc.  He said having a normal day would be a perfect way to celebrate being able to live life again. So 3 cheers for packing lunches and taking kids to school, a 7:45-5:45 work day, attending meetings and working on code, coming home for lunch, having leftover soup for dinner (4th day running), having a slice of a left over cake your wife made for a church function the day before,  rushing off to a church youth activity you're in charge of - this week a Cookie Bake Off, coming home to your 4 kids asleep and your wife busy sewing, and playing a few basketball computer games before cuddling your wife to sleep at 10:00pm. Happy Birthday, my Christopher! I am so glad to be mundane with you.

Speaking of normal life, these are scenes I see almost daily. Gwen putting Frederick up on the piano so he can play, and Alec showing the rest of us some cool science experiment he learned at school or saw in a book. 

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