Monday, December 8, 2014

Storm shelter installed and some Freddy cuteness

Installing the storm shelter. It will be in the shop area of the garage that we walk through to get from the mudroom to our cars.  There are steps down one end, that can be removed once we're all in to allow for more seating.  It says it can fit 10 people and I think I may even be able to stand up in the middle. Chris on the other hand, we're hoping, will at least be able to sit up straight when he's sitting on the bench. 

I was supposed to be putting Frederick down for a nap the other day but I got distracted by his cuteness. He's growing up so fast! I love the way he crawls so fast to me, and then climbs up me right up to my face. 

He seems to enjoy snuggling and will lean his head in towards us so we can kiss him or just breath in his soft neck. These cheeks are just incredibly perfect to kiss and to feel up against my own cheek. He gets plenty and plenty of love from all of us. 

Freddy loves to put toys into buckets and take them out again. 

He loves to play games with us. His favorite seems to be "make-them-eat-a-toy" where he shoves a toy into my mouth, takes it out for a second and then puts it back in again. I love his face when he plays with us. He already has such a teasing look in his eye. I wish I could capture it better on the camera but he's just too fast for me! 

In other big Freddy news, he's started taking steps by himself this week! He's done up to 3 at a time. Today he even took two steps from the couch into the nothingness of the room before dropping to his knees and crawling the rest of the way to whatever it was he was looking at. He's definitely got 'Stranger Danger' down and screams whenever someone new gets too close to him and he can't immediately find Mommy or Daddy.  He is pretty attached to either of us and is no longer happy being in a different room from us. This new thing is getting kind of annoying, but luckily he's still so cute. 


Heather said...

LOVE your darling darling boy!! I know just what you're talking about with his knowing twinkle in his eye :-)
You're doing a great job helping him know & understand LOVE…

Christy Harker said...

I'm pretty sure our babies, would make cute babies. Let's write up some sort of arranged marriage contract.