Sunday, November 30, 2014


Thom and Brittany and Jackson, Graham and Jane joined us for a whole week surrounding Thanksgiving! We super loved having them here. Brittany is a great running buddy and kitchen cleaner and our kids played really well the whole time they were here (it got a little bit less good towards the end but I would still say they were all good!)

Somehow I didn't get any pictures until Thanksgiving Day. I guess we didn't actually do a whole lot besides play at the house and eat good food. Our only out-of-the-house event besides church on Sunday was Chris' department's tailgate. We met Thom and Brittany straight from their drive out at the tailgate party before the big MSU game the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Besides that, it rained or was cold most of the days they were here. We did get all the kids out for a walk twice! 

Chris had to work the first two days still, so Thom did some kid-watching while Brittany and I did some shopping and we precooked some things. With a noisy house of kids playing, and the smell of favorite holiday dishes baking and some choral Christmas really started to feel like a familiar holiday. Its been more than two years since we've felt that!

For Thanksgiving dinner we had a few other people join us: some good friends from church Dan and Angela and a one of Chris' co-workers who has been amazingly helpful and welcoming to him, Cindy.  The kids made some place cards, and we clipped some fresh ever green sprigs for the centerpiece, but we kept it pretty casual...eating off plastic plates (but they looked really nice!) and serving everything buffet style. 

It was my first time cooking the entire meal for company. Not that I did all the cooking. Between Chris, Thom, Brittany and myself, I could hardly claim even a fourth of it! It was not stressful at all and tasted delicious. 

After our late lunch, we went on the second of our two walks with the kids. We all hopped our back fence and walked along the dirt roads of MSU's South Farm. The scenery was beautiful and the air nice and crisp. My favorite things. We did a lot of looking back across the last year and feel SOO grateful for so many normal/mundane things. In all of these respects it was a perfect Thanksgiving.

The only downside to the entire week was having some nursing problems with Frederick and its repercussions. He had a stuffy nose and was maybe teething a bit which resulted in some biting. OUCH! I got really sore after a few days (I was still nursing him about 4-5 times a day) and that made me miserable and cranky. I worried we had thrush because of the pain, but couldn't find any rash. By the time the cuts were more visible, they were infected and I had to stop nursing. I was uncomfortable with engorgement and worried about getting another clogged duct (I had one just the week before!) and with Chris still focusing on work and dealing with his mounting anxiety about his upcoming PET scan, he wasn't able to give me the care or attention I wanted. But the day Thom and Brittany drove back home, we were finally able to communicate better and my cuts started to heal. I managed to keep nursing Frederick once a day through this so he's not totally weaned but he's close. I normally love nursing and was very sad to give it up but this bottle feeding stuff has its advantages too. Its fun to rock and feed him a bottle without worry of pain, and now Chris gets a chance to get some extra Freddy Cuddles when he puts him down to bed at night.

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