Friday, November 21, 2014

The renovation begins!! Dirt work

The moment we've waited months and months for has begun: our house renovation! We're converting the current 1-car garage into a playroom which will bring the attached storage room and laundry room into the heated/cooled section of the house! Then we're building a new two-car garage with a shop area in between our house and the guest house! The new garage will connect up with our house via the laundry room which we will expand a bit to create a nice mud room and we'll finish off the 1/2 bath that is inside the laundry/mud room. Then above the new garage we'll build two bedrooms and a bathroom which connect in with our main house upstairs right where Gwen's room is located. We lose Gwen's room as it changes into a lounge/common area connecting the new bedrooms with the rest of the kids bed rooms upstairs.  

We are SO SO SO excited to have this start. I honestly don't know what I'm more excited about: the big playroom right off the kitchen, being able to walk barefoot to the laundry room, having a mudroom, parking our cars inside a garage for the first time since we've been married (I guess we had an unattached garage for 1 year in Canada), having a tub and 2 sinks in the kids' bathroom, having another bedroom and getting the kids settled in their 'permanent' rooms, using the covered patio across the back of the garage looking over the backyard, feeling safe with the installation of a below-ground storm shelter inside our shop area of the garage or being able to organize and use a large indoor storage room!!! Seriously, guys... this is like 1/2 of our dream home becoming a reality!! We feel so grateful to be able to make this happen right now. 

Renovation stage 1: Dirt Work. Pulling back part of the existing driveway to pour new cement connecting it and the new garage. Gwen is in our current garage watching the first big machines go to work.

Digging up the not-so-great-for-foundation-dirt where the new garage/shop area will be.

Putting in the new good-for-foundation-dirt:

Packing down the new dirt:

Playing in the old dirt. Not completely necessary for construction but totally necessary for childhood.

TMI - Wiping Freddy's backside a while after he ate all this dirt totally brought me back to changing my other boys diapers when we lived in Escondido Village (EV) at Stanford and they played/ate in the sandbox most days.  


Brett and Linnae said...

How exciting and fun for your family!! So jealous of all your yard space!! Wish you lived closer so that we could come and visit you! Hope ya'll have a merry Christmas!

dixie said...

This is so wonderful!! I'm so glad things have started in a big way. Be sure to take plenty of pictures for us!

isaac mctavish said...

This is so exciting for you guys. Glad to see that your dreams for the house are becoming a reality.