Saturday, February 28, 2015


They canceled school early in anticipation of snow and nothing came. But with a strong chance on the horizon two days later they cancelled again and we waited all day for snow. Even the university closed campus and so Chris and I settled  in for a day at home with the kids. 

We watched Star Wars and played games. Half way through episode 5 I saw flakes outside!! They continued to fall and by late afternoon we had accumulated enough to go play in. We broke out the snow gear and sleds and had a great time. 

Frederick's first look of snow. 

Our driveway has a slope to it and with a big push, the kids could sled down it. 

Then we moved to the hill on the road before you get to our driveway. It wasn't as sloped as I thought. Frederick was happy to be outside but totally unhappy with the restrictions of boots and a snowsuit. 

After a few hours, we got cold enough for hot chocolate and came inside. We went to bed unsure if we would see the snow all melted away or see it deepened. 

Kids woke us up at 5:45am saying there was more snow and could they please go outside?!  Seeing the almost 6 inches of snow covering the ground made me sooo happy that I joined the kids outside. We were out exploring how frozen the mud and puddles were out back by 6:00am. 

We tried to make snowmen but it was too powdery so we explored the trees at the back of our property and then climbed the fence to see how State's cows and horses were doing. 

The untouched deep snow begged for snow angels. 

A few hours later we came home for breakfast and found Daddy and Freddy ready for more fun family time on the second snow day in a row. Our previous weekends had been pretty busy with church stuff and these days at home were just what we needed. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Taking down a wall

Brown room Before:

Brown room all ready for our first attempt at demolition: 

An hour or so later we had dismantled most of the wood/glass shevling:

another hour later we started on the brick fireplace: 
We were done for the day and left it like that for a week or so. But I didn't take more than a few days to realize we needed to pad the fireplace bricks. Poor Frederick took a corner to the forehead. Our next part of demo was to take out the drywall and continue chipping away at the brick fireplace.

The fireplace took another demo night for Chris and I after the kids were in bed to finish up all the bricks. That thing was SOLID bricks. It was tiring and hard work, but went a lot faster as soon as we got a second and longer chisel.  

Then the workers took over and took out all the studs, removed the fire place and patched up the floor with some plywood sheets. Its a temporary fix until we have enough money and energy for phase 2 of our remodel dreams: renovating the living room and kitchen...which is probably 5 years down the road. 

Heres the whole thing again from the other side. I don't have any good yellow room pictures before we moved the toys/beanbag out, but here is the ready for renovation picture:

The first day after getting the white wood/glass shelving off around the fireplace I was ready to call it quits since Freddy woke up from his nap but Chris wanted to let the kids really have fun on the drywall, so he gave them each a hammer and said, "have fun!" 

A week later, Chris and I had time to clean it up a bit, and take out the sliding door that had separated the yellow and brown room before. 

WE LOOOOOOOOVE how big and open the room feels now. It lets in SO MUCH light into the kitchen. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Dancing

The kindergarten classes at Sudduth Elementary get a Fairy Tale Ball the day before Valentines Day.  I attended Charlie's class time slot and got to dance with him. He is such an enthusiastic dancer. :) After a few dances with me and some encouragement, he asked a few girls from his class to dance.  Charlie can keep a good beat and so since the music was fast and jumpy, he grabbed the girl's hand and started jumping back and forth to the beat.  If any of the other kids were holding hands and dancing, they would slowly shuffle back and forth. To be honest, I wanted to laugh a little at how staged and grown-up everything felt, but the kids rarely seem to get fun/free time like this so there's no point being a grouch about it, so I enjoyed the chance to be with Charlie, meet his new teacher, and chat with some other moms. It looked like the kids had a great time and I'm sure its fun for them to dress up in anything NOT their school uniform.  Charlie wanted to dress up as a knight and wore his knight costume and king cape. He is such a handsome, happy, kind boy. We really lucked out with him (even if he IS going through to the disobedient 6/7 year old attitude stage). 

Our branch put on a Valentines Dance on the very night and I again enjoyed the time to dance! I even snuck in a dance in with Chris and had him all to myself for about a verse before the kids found us and demanded a spot. The music was awesome and the lighting and decorations were really great. It felt like a special party.  Chris and I decided to make our traditional Indian dinner the night before and ended up inviting our friends the Gines over to eat it with us. A pretty low-key and yummy valentines.  I never got myself together enough to make and send valentines out to grandparents or family, maybe next year. :) 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sick Bay

One by one they hit the dust. Gwen got it first.

The next day Charlie threw up and stayed home from school.

By the third day, Alec was sad to miss out on all the fun at home and went to the school nurse with an upset tummy and a temperature of a whopping 99. He was sent home 'sick' and joined the party. He never ended up throwing up and never really acted sick, but oh well. He did a good job of taking it easy.

Not sure where this picture of Charlie came from. One of the many selfies the kids take whenever they can get their hands on my phone unbeknownst to me. Cute kids. 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Playing outside

We had a nice warm spell the first bit of February and enjoyed some outside time. The kids like to play around the renovation/building scraps. Alec here is making a sort of catapult out of some wood and bricks. The only bad part is he tried to catapult chunks of bricks and they would fly directly back toward the person's face who launched it. 

The swing set that came with the house was placed towards the back side of the backyard, far away from the house and the kids are too scared to go out and play on it without a parent right by them. Sometimes we'll see it on our walk home from the bus and stay out to play.

The playground has a nice view of the backyard and I really like how the new addition looks from the back of the house.