Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Everyday moments

I love these sweet cheeks and kiss them maybe a hundred times a day. I will never grow tired of watching my sleeping children. I know my days with Gwen at home are growing short. She'll be in all day kindergarten next year and I know I will miss some of my quiet-house moments with her. I particularly love my walk to the bus stop with her. Frederick is often still sleeping in the house so just Gwen when I will run up our driveway and down the street a bit to meet the bus. "Time to go get the brothers!" We play 'I Spy' or 'Simon Says' or have a rock throwing competition in which she gets to stand 20 feet in front of me or some such rule until she consistently wins by throwing the rocks farther than I can. :)  

Sometimes Freddy is awake for the bus-pick up and he LOVES to run on the street. I totally wouldn't mind since our street is NOT busy and theirs good visibility but this little boy will fall on his face. EVERY. TIME. He rums faster than he can keep up with.  The boys still scream "Can I hold Freddy?!" the second their foot touches the ground from stepping off the bus. 

Frederick sometimes "talks" on a play phone by holding it behind his head and walking around.  Pretty much any game he plays involves walking or running around. This kid loves to move.

The favorite toys are called "Straws and spikey=bombs" and are SUCH a favorite with the kids and provide hours of entertainment...but they leave SUCH a mess! These toys are on two lists:  the "you-have-to-ask-mommy-before-you-play-with-these" list and the "Stored-in-a-hidden-location-so-the-kids-don't-see-them-and-ask-to-play-with-them" list.  But they are pretty fun. The kids love to make houses, bridges, umbrellas, etc and almost always insist on taking multiple pictures of their creations. 

These boys love their little brother and Charlie, in particular, is quite put out that Frederick no longer likes to be 'held.' The one except to this is when he drinks his milk. He still likes to be cuddled then.  The last pictures are from New Years Eve. Charlie asked to feed Frederick and I was busy with other things and for a few minutes forgot I had left the two downstairs. Frederick had fallen asleep and Charlie tucked him in a blanket on top, pillows all around so he wouldn't roll off the bed, and his new bear Fritz nestled under one of Freddy's arms.

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