Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Family-full Christmas!

About two weeks before we flew home for Christmas, we found out that all my siblings (except Jordan and Estefi -- who we dearly missed!) were able to make it home to WA for Christmas! That meant all 17 grandchildren (the oldest being 11) and 13 adults in one big house. My mom was beyond excited and yet also stayed awake at nights trying to figure out the right configuration for sleeping, eating, playing etc.  

Each married couple had their own room and at least 1 child sleeping with them.  Then the 4-6 year old boys slept in the upstairs laundry room on a queen blow up mattress and a cot, the 5 and 11 year old girl cousins slept with my youngest sister Hailey in her room and the 7-10 year old boys slept on couches and cots in the playroom downstairs. We even had a small laundry room that could fit a pack n play for Frederick! AND it worked out so all of the grand-kids had a TV or computer in their sleeping area so they could watch movies as they settled down in their beds. Grandma loves movie time! 

 We had planned to use the downstairs kitchen for some cooking and eating, but found that we all just wanted to be together and it was simplest to do all the cooking in the main kitchen upstairs. We added a long table to the dining table for adults and had the kids spread out, some at the long table, some at the bar and some at a shorter folding table set up by the couches. 

The Saturday after Chris and I got back from our Seattle trip we had increased in numbers. The first two families joined us at Grandma and Grandpas. Justin and Radene and their kids drove in from California and Sarah and German drove from Utah to make it in time for my cousin's wedding open house. He got married towards the end of the summer and I hadn't had a chance to meet the lucky, beautiful bride! It was fun to meet her and see a lot of my other cousins and aunts and uncles. 

Also, on that Saturday, the Talbots came up for a visit so our kids could see each other. I'm sad I never think to take group pictures! I just have this one of little Anne and Gwen and Lynae.

Cousins, aunts and uncles at church provide lots of entertainment! So nice! By Sunday, another brother and his family joined us: Jared and Ashley and their 5 kids. After the first grandchild, it was a long time coming to get some granddaughters but then we had a nice bundle of girls and they all love their grandpa!

The last family arrived on Monday and Monday night my Uncle Loren and Aunt Merlene's annual Christmas Musical Evening. This year was the first year it was at my other uncle, Ben's, brand new beautiful house built just behind my parents home. (For those of you who don't know Betteridge Bluff or 'the hill' is home to my parents, my grandmother, and two sets of aunt/uncle/cousins... we all have houses on property previously owned by my grandparents...its pretty much Heaven). 

We all got to perform in at least one musical number. Todd, Tiffany, Sarah, Mom, and I played on the piano at the same time while the grand-kids jingled jingle bells, and I got to sing with some sisters, cousins and an aunt in a women's ensemble, then my siblings some older cousins, other friends sang the classic "Fruitcake" song where we walk around the audience and occasionally freeze .. super fun! Chris sang with my brothers and other guys in a funny, super fast, Russian sounding song that I forget the name of. And lastly my whole immediate family ended the night with another classic, "Where Shepherds lately Knelt" and did we do "Go Ye Now in Peace" too? I can't remember.  There were a bunch of other things, piano solos and duets, guitar/vocal numbers, karaoke etc. We invite mostly neighbors to come, theres always a good turn out and its always lots of fun. 

One of Frederick's favorite things to do at Grandma's house is look out the windows at the pretty view and point out all the birds or the trains. He's getting so old looking and interactive. 

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Janelle said...

We always called it the "Better-ridge." :) Sounds like such a great holiday!!