Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Flights home

The boys did great with the flights home. Although, since our flight out three and a half weeks ago, Frederick had learned to really walk! So even though he was squirrelly on the flights out, he was even more hard to entertain in a confined space on the flights back. 

Gwen woke up on the wrong side of the bed or something that morning. She was quite challenging and almost constantly complained about her ears hurting. We had gum, water bottles, and fruit snacks to help with the air pressure and passed out one of those to all the kids right during take off and landing...but they didn't seem to help Gwen at all this time.  After sitting by her and trying to help her through the whole first flight, Chris thought that on the second flight, she would fall asleep and so if he sat by her again, HE might get a chance to sleep too. Things were looking good at the beginning since Gwen fell asleep even before take off. 

But they didn't last. She woke up during take off and literally screamed for the rest of the just over an hour flight! It was on one of those little, small planes and we were at the very back but I'm still pretty sure everyone on the flight could hear her. The stewardess came by a couple of times asking if she could get anything for her to chew or swallow to help with the air pressure. We had already offered Gwen gum, fruit snacks, sucky candies, water, etc but she wasn't in any kind of state to listen to reason...she refused to even try anything and just screamed. I had already worked hard on getting Frederick to sleep so Chris was dealing with most of this by himself, but by the time we were about to descend, Freddy had woken up from her screams and I switched Chris. Even Alec tried to teach her how to open and close her jaws but she just snapped at him. Somehow she calmed down (I think she actually tried Alec's suggestion) and she fell asleep right as the plane landed. 

Then we had to still drive 2 hours in the car to get home, skipping dinner because I didn't want to have to ask our friend who was picking us up to take even more time out of his day. Oh boy. It was such a long, tiring day of travel, it makes the 40+ hour drive from Mississippi to Washington seem more attractive. 

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