Friday, December 12, 2014


For weeks now the kids have been asking when the cement trucks will come to our house. As we got closer to our departure day to fly home to WA for Christmas, I was worried that it would happen while we were gone. But the day before we left, they came! They came early in the morning and started right away. The first truck pulled in an hour or two after the kids left for school and I worried they would still miss the whole thing because of school. I was tempted to go get them out early so they could watch but thought I'd just see how it played out. Turns out the first truck was just delivering the gravel.

After a few hours they had the gravel all spread out and rolled down some tarps. Then they laid out the metal rods (I've forgotten for the moment the actual term for those). 

And an hour or so before the boys would get home they started on the first cement truck. If I remember right, I think there were 6 or 7 trucks. It was a little nerve racking for me to see it getting dropped and shoveled so close to the opening for the storm shelter. I worried we'd have a pile or two of cement to sit on in there, but one guy in particular seemed to keep an eye out for it and took good care. 

They had the foundation all poured before the boys got home, but still had to do the strip of covered patio. Hurray! All the kids got to see a 'real cement truck actually pour cement.' It was very exciting and entertaining.

They workers asked the kids if they wanted to put their hand prints somewhere and like they usually do when a stranger talks to them my kids just shook their head no. Then proceeded to whine to me during the next hour that they wanted to put their handprints in somewhere! Haha. Silly kids. I wanted to wait for Chris to get home from work so he could help me think of the best spot for them.  The concrete was pretty set by the time we did them, but they turned out ok! Only Frederick's is really really faint since he went last and it was hard to hold him over the wet cement at the same angle as the kids. 

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