Saturday, January 10, 2015

Framing and roof!

All during our Christmas break, we kept dreaming about all the progress that would be done on our house while we were gone. We left the day after they poured the foundation for the new garage. Starkville had gotten a lot of rain over the break so not a whole love of progress actually happened. They did pour the little bit of concrete needed to raise the floor up a few inches in the current garage/new playroom and had some of the outside walls framed for the new garage. 

The framing went really really fast once it got started! That crew was really hardworking and worked from sun up to sundown and on Saturdays. They were really nice and helped push our little car out of the mud when it got stuck trying to get out of our driveway. 

It was really fun to watch the progress. Every day when I met the boys off the school bus they would ask, "What did the workers do today?" and then we would climb up and walk around the new parts. Here are the kids standing on top of the new garage before the second story bedrooms were framed in. Where they are standing is where the new bathroom will be built.

Below is the view from the driveway. You can see the new garage straight ahead, with a bedroom above it, and the dark opening in the existing house is the old garage that will become a playroom with some windows/doors where the current garage opening is.

This is from our back yard looking at the back of the new garage. You can see another bedroom above the garage and the covered porch space traveling the length of the new garage, almost connecting the guest house to our back deck. There will be a wide door into the garage to let in the mower, and the window next to it will be over the workbench in the 'shop' area of the new garage where we have the storm shelter installed and which we will walk through to get inside our house from the garage. It looks so pretty! We're so happy with how its turning out. 

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Anna McTavish said...

wow its looks amazing so for. So happy for you guys.