Thursday, December 18, 2014

Frederick turns 1 year old!

Our darling, kissable, tipsy, smiley, tough, patient, adored, persistent, determined, silly Frederick turned 1. Chris and I made our delicious Perfectly Chocolate Chocolate Cake with Chocolate whipped cream frosting for Freddy's first experience with chocolate and sugar. No, I don't think we over did it. That cake is good. 

We served it to him a little late in the day so he was a little bit tired and cried when we wouldn't let him touch the flame from the candle. 

But he got over his sadness pretty quick when he tasted it! 

He was still tired, though and it quickly dissolved into a chocolaty mess in Grandma's nice fabric-lined high chair! We had to relocate his party to the kitchen sink and with a running stream of water in front of him and a knife in his hand, Frederick didn't mind one bit. 

Next was pajama time and then opening presents. I was surprised with the patience and interest he had in unwrapping! This kid is smart, he knew fun things were behind the paper. 

Frederick currently has 2 bottom teeth and 4 top teeth. He took 7 steps, a personal record, on his birthday and loves to be held, and played with. He loves watching the birds outside with his Daddy and pointing at other things in the room. He says "suh suh" for Jesus and "Da da" for Daddy and 'uh' for 'uh oh'  and I think maybe once said 'ma' for 'milk' and "ah da" for "all done." I've heard him make the sounds "mama" but not really for the word Mama. He sometimes gives kisses by leaning forward with his mouth open, but you have to catch him at the right moment, usually right after he wakes up. He likes to engage us in games of peek-a-boo and read books. He dances so cute sometimes when there's music playing by bouncing up and down or waving both arms up and down at once while running. Also, he loves to dive onto soft things from across the room --sometimes missing them completely and hitting the wall, or floor, or baseboard, or hard piece of furniture next to it. Poor kid constantly has at least 1 nasty looking bruise on his face or forehead. He doesn't really perform tricks for onlookers, he does things when he wants to do them and doesn't seem overly concerned with pleasing people. 

He is unbelievably patient with his older siblings. They fight over who gets to take him out of his crib in the morning and after every nap. (Charlie has to pull a stool over to the crib and Frederick is pulled/dropped out). They still want to carry him everywhere and show him how his toys work by playing with it in front of him. After a second or two of squirming in their arms, he'll go limp and resign himself to whatever they have in store for him. Seriously. One time, Charlie was feeding him some applesauce or something and Frederick didn't even TRY to take the spoon away from him. Chris and I remarked on this surprising feat since Freddy usually screams to hold the spoon himself when we feed him. Chris tried an experiment and took the spoon away from Charlie to give the next bite and within a second, Frederick was throwing a fit about needing to hold the spoon. HA!

We thank God daily for bringing Frederick to our family. We all love him SOO MUCH. 

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