Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Heating/Cooling, EAVES and connecting old and new

One of my favorite improvements we're doing on the house right now is trimming back the extraordinary long eaves all around the house. These babies stuck out 4-5 feet from walls! It was insane. Anytime you look out any window almost 1/2 of what you saw was the underside of the eaves, the soffit. It was causing the roof to buckle and bed on the edges of the roof and maybe even some warping/ripples in the middle. They first cut away the part by the breakfast nook in the kitchen and it was like someone had turned on an extra light in the kitchen. Amazing! 

Also on the docket for this week was installing the new furnace in the attic space of the new addition and running the heating/cooling "worms" for the upstairs bedrooms. The current bedrooms are heated/cooled with vents in the floor which means there is some exposed duct work in the current garage. Now that we're making the garage into a playroom we want to remove that duct work. Also, to have all the upstairs rooms heated and cooled with the same unit is a good idea. 

This means that we needed to install an attic space in the upstairs hallway and so we loose the vaulted ceiling there.  That doesn't bother me at all. I think it'll help make the transition from the existing house to the new part of the house a little more seamless. But it does mean that the upstairs bedrooms feel a little bit under construction and its pretty inefficient to heat this space that is connected and open to the outside air. It can get kind of cold up there during the night and feels quite drafty on a windy day. 

It also means that we needed to move Gwen from out of her room and into the boys room so that we can connect the new addition to the current house! This was also one of those changes that the kids have been asking us about for weeks. Now we don't have to climb up a really tall ladder, creep across the roof and crawl in a window to walk around and inspect the new stuff! It is really amazing to see our dreams and ideas materialize. We can really get a feel now for how this connection will work... I think its going to be awesome! We're thinking of putting a little built-in day bed/reading nook against the wall where the closet was, so the room becomes more like a big hallway with a cute reading spot off to the side.

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