Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Eve!

Happy New Years! We had one family leave the day before and so were down a bit in numbers. Most of the parents and kids just wanted to hang around the house for New Years Eve, but my Dad needed to visit the Stake Activity at the YMCA and Alec and Gwen (along with cousin Ethan) wanted to go, so I ended up taking them with my dad to the party. They had a blast. I'm glad I took them, even if I had a bit of a headache and just wanted to stay home too. Chris was in the throes of Shingles so I kinda felt a bit like a single parent. Again.

But once the kids were in bed (they did a countdown on Netflix at 9:00pm) the adults got together for another game night at my uncle Ben's house. We got there a little late and they already had a nice big game of "the name game" going so we just watched and said hi and then came home to watch a movie and do a puzzle. 

My sister Sarah and sister-in-law, Radene, are really big on playing games and NOT just watching movies at night so for most of the nights over Christmas break we were up playing games till late - the name game, the couch game, inReverse, reverse charades, a timeline game, and a guessing numbers game etc...It was really fun spending so much time interacting with my family and laughing together at the fun parts of the game. Chris enjoys playing games too, so some of the nights, I sent him over to play for both of us. :) At some point, I had asked Hailey to recommend and lend me one of her many books and Tiffany, Justin and Jared (I think?) were all reading books too, so a couple of nights we all just sat on the couches together and read something. That feeling of being together without having to really interact might have been one of my favorite memories of the trip... almost like when we were kids, we were around each other without feeling pressure to spend quality time together. Weird, I know, but that's how I felt. 

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