Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Other post Christmas activities

Another activity we did over the holiday was gingerbread cookie decorating for the kids.

We also took a few trips to the Chambers Bay park/playground. My dad and sister went running there while the kids played. It is SUCH a beautiful park as it over looks the Chambers Bay Golf Course - home to the upcoming 2015 US Open. 

 It was on that run that I found out two of my Aunts and Uncles were renting their house out for the upcoming US Open and each getting a pretty penny...or many hundreds of thousands of pennies as the case may be.  Chris and his siblings/spouses and parents are all coming up to stay at my parents house to attend the US Open as an adult Archibald family reunion.  It was so fun to imagine what that was going to be like! Also, Chris (despite not feeling the best - physically) was able to actually play the course! 

Another activity we did a was go on the same Bremerton-Seattle Ferry and go to the Pacific Science Center. Again, Chris had to do research so I took the kids by myself. It was helpful to have my mom and dad and other siblings to help watch the kids. We buddied off so every adult had at least 1 child to be in charge of. I think Alec loved walking around with his Uncle German and Charlie got to be buddies with Grandma. Gwen and Freddy were my buddies. 

I think the below picture of Charlie putting Freddy down the slide into Gwen's outstretched arms is a perfect metaphor for Freddy's life. He is constantly a blur as his siblings do this or that to him.

The butterfly house was cool! One landed on me for a second.

We saw an Imax 3D movie, "Flight of the Butterflies." 

The other fun activity we did over Christmas Break was discover that Chris had shingles! This picture was taken at the very beginning of it. It got much much worse and was mostly over his chest and under his arm. It was really painful and Chris ended up trying to be still for most of the week after Christmas. Luckily, my uncles are all doctors and could diagnose and prescribe something for him. He got on antivirals right away but it has still manged to be quite painful and long in recovery.  Even now as I write this post (almost 2 months later) he is STILL quite uncomfortable at times because of it. He says it feels like a someone putting a hot iron to a really bad sunburn. Ouch!

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