Monday, December 15, 2014

Plane rides!

The moment my kids have been waiting years for arrived: they flew on an airplane! All of them have flown as infants - when they were free - but none of them have flown when they were old enough to know what was going on. They've pestered us every other week or so for the past 3 years of, "When are we going to fly on an airplane?" "And I've never ridden on a real train or helicopter or space ship!" 

We had to wake up at 2:30 in the morning to leave our house at 3:00AM to get to the airport at 5:00AM so we could make our 6:15AM flight. The kids were so excited they didn't fall asleep on the drive to the airport or on any of the flights (except Charlie dozed off for a bit on the second flight).  Yeah, it was a really really long day.  

Here the kids all are as we waited out of the way while Chris checked us in. I guess since we didn't check in online, they didn't give us the seats we signed up for when we bought the tickets. So we had some last minute stress as we tried to work it out with the nice couple next to most of our seats to switch around until we had seats all near each other and the 'lap baby' in the 1 row that the airlines allow a lapchild to be in. 

We put Frederick in charge of baggage security. He would walk from bag to bag patting them down and pushing them over. We tried to keep costs down by only checking 1 bag. So...with a personal item and a carry-on per ticket, we had 10 bags + the stroller + all our kids. It wasn't too bad. 

On the first leg from Jackson to Chicago we were in a tiny plane and the kids did great! Charlie and Gwen sat in a row by themselves. Alec had the window seat across from Chris (who was behind Charlie and Gwen) and Frederick and I sat in the row in front of Charlie and Gwen. 

We had a layover in Chicago and needed to walk across the entire airport to a different terminal to catch our next flight. It was nice chance to stretch our legs as we wandered through the airport in a single file - Chris in front with kids in two and me pushing the stroller in the back. I just LOVED seeing all my cute family walking ahead of me, wearing backpacks and pulling a carry-on suitcase. 

The second flight from Chicago to Seattle was longer and a bit harder on the kids, but they still did great. Frederick took a lot of work to entertain within the confined space, but the kids and Chris helped out some. I had gotten some cool coloring things and sticker mosaics for the kids to put in their backpacks so between that and some snacks and gum and the new environment they were so well behaved! I mean, whats a 3 and 2 hour plane ride when you're used to 29 hour car trips!?

They're good behavior seemed to be totally used up once we got picked up from the Seattle airport by my Uncle Ben. (My parents were flying in from UT later that day). I also made the mistake of letting Charlie get to sit up in the middle seat next to Frederick (he had asked so sweetly and rarely gets to chance to sit by him in a car) which meant Gwen and Alec were side by side in the back. BIG MISTAKE. They pretty much kicked, pushed, hit and screamed at each other the entire 45 min ride to University Place. It was such a LONG day.  Both Chris and I had stayed up until 2:00AM the night before we left with some last minute packing since I spent most of the early evening helping a friend make a Christmas present and attending a Relief Society event. Between getting 6 hours of sleep within 48 hours, I had a bad migraine that first night in Washington and went to bed with the kids at 6:00pm. 

The next day in church all the kids fell asleep on the bench or on us in Sacrament Meeting. Actually, I think Alec is faking it for the picture, but he really was getting CLOSE to falling asleep once or twice.  

We're so happy to be able to come home for Christmas and are ready for some much needed vacationing and family time!

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