Saturday, December 27, 2014

Post Christmas Activities: Anderson Island

On the Saturday after Christmas, we took the kids out to Anderson Island. Its a 20 min drive to the Ferry from Betteridge Bluff, then a 30ish minute Ferry ride. My Uncle Loren and Aunt Merlene have owned a house and property out on this Island for as long as I can remember. Their first house is where Chris and I went on our honeymoon. They have since sold that house and just kept some land where they built a little Eco-Shack but the next door neighbor was selling his old house and Loren and Merlene bought it and have completely gutted it for a remodel. We all wanted to see the new place so we packed up and went. Chris had to work so I took our kids by myself. We BARELY made it in time for the Ferry. In fact, Tiffany's van didn't make it on and they had to park and "walk" (really they ran) on.  Maybe the workers could sense they were part of a bigger group and didn't want to disappoint children over the holidays because they actually held the ferry for a minute or so for them to park/walk on ...something Merlene said she has never seen. 

Merlene and Loren's new property has a really nice beach so we mainly stayed out on it and threw stuff into the water. My cousins Bryce and Ben and Caleb got the paddle boat out and took the kids for rides. Loren built a bon fire and Merlene helped give the kids rides on their tractor. Charlie even got to steer it! They were so kind to us, we sure love them. 

I lost Charlie once and was a little stressed trying to find him. He had gotten in a different car with a cousin and even though my sister in law texted me right away, the cell service was spotty enough that I didn't get it for 5 or 10 minutes. I know that's not long but in that circumstance it felt like FOREVER.  Some of the kids had tried to step in the water and were muddy and wet and cold so I gave some of the girl cousins a bath when we got home to warm up. 

Getting out of the house can be a feat in and of itself but exploring the beautiful Northwest fills some tank within me. I need that beauty in my life. 

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