Saturday, February 28, 2015


They canceled school early in anticipation of snow and nothing came. But with a strong chance on the horizon two days later they cancelled again and we waited all day for snow. Even the university closed campus and so Chris and I settled  in for a day at home with the kids. 

We watched Star Wars and played games. Half way through episode 5 I saw flakes outside!! They continued to fall and by late afternoon we had accumulated enough to go play in. We broke out the snow gear and sleds and had a great time. 

Frederick's first look of snow. 

Our driveway has a slope to it and with a big push, the kids could sled down it. 

Then we moved to the hill on the road before you get to our driveway. It wasn't as sloped as I thought. Frederick was happy to be outside but totally unhappy with the restrictions of boots and a snowsuit. 

After a few hours, we got cold enough for hot chocolate and came inside. We went to bed unsure if we would see the snow all melted away or see it deepened. 

Kids woke us up at 5:45am saying there was more snow and could they please go outside?!  Seeing the almost 6 inches of snow covering the ground made me sooo happy that I joined the kids outside. We were out exploring how frozen the mud and puddles were out back by 6:00am. 

We tried to make snowmen but it was too powdery so we explored the trees at the back of our property and then climbed the fence to see how State's cows and horses were doing. 

The untouched deep snow begged for snow angels. 

A few hours later we came home for breakfast and found Daddy and Freddy ready for more fun family time on the second snow day in a row. Our previous weekends had been pretty busy with church stuff and these days at home were just what we needed. 

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