Thursday, March 5, 2015


Spring is in the air!! It was kinda late for Mississippi, but compared to an Edmonton timeline, it felt just right to me. 

Gwen's preschool class had baby chicks for a little bit. Miss. Martha is fantastic. Gwen goes for 3 hours every Tuesday and Thursday. She likes going and I think it's good for her to meet friends and interact with a teacher. Plus with Frederick's morning nap happening about half the time, I can sometimes have a few hours at home to myself! (Hence the massive blog updates every once in a while)

With the spring thaw comes the spring MUD. And in a construction zone, there is MUD EVERYWHERE! Most of the time I can keep Freddy out of it, if I don't let him touch the ground. But sometimes I let him down and suffer the cute but messy consequences. 

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