Monday, February 23, 2015

Taking down a wall

Brown room Before:

Brown room all ready for our first attempt at demolition: 

An hour or so later we had dismantled most of the wood/glass shevling:

another hour later we started on the brick fireplace: 
We were done for the day and left it like that for a week or so. But I didn't take more than a few days to realize we needed to pad the fireplace bricks. Poor Frederick took a corner to the forehead. Our next part of demo was to take out the drywall and continue chipping away at the brick fireplace.

The fireplace took another demo night for Chris and I after the kids were in bed to finish up all the bricks. That thing was SOLID bricks. It was tiring and hard work, but went a lot faster as soon as we got a second and longer chisel.  

Then the workers took over and took out all the studs, removed the fire place and patched up the floor with some plywood sheets. Its a temporary fix until we have enough money and energy for phase 2 of our remodel dreams: renovating the living room and kitchen...which is probably 5 years down the road. 

Heres the whole thing again from the other side. I don't have any good yellow room pictures before we moved the toys/beanbag out, but here is the ready for renovation picture:

The first day after getting the white wood/glass shelving off around the fireplace I was ready to call it quits since Freddy woke up from his nap but Chris wanted to let the kids really have fun on the drywall, so he gave them each a hammer and said, "have fun!" 

A week later, Chris and I had time to clean it up a bit, and take out the sliding door that had separated the yellow and brown room before. 

WE LOOOOOOOOVE how big and open the room feels now. It lets in SO MUCH light into the kitchen. 

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Anna McTavish said...

It looks like the kids had fun taking down the wall. how often are you given a hammer and told that you can hit the wall with it.
Plus it looks amazing and so bright.