Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Dancing

The kindergarten classes at Sudduth Elementary get a Fairy Tale Ball the day before Valentines Day.  I attended Charlie's class time slot and got to dance with him. He is such an enthusiastic dancer. :) After a few dances with me and some encouragement, he asked a few girls from his class to dance.  Charlie can keep a good beat and so since the music was fast and jumpy, he grabbed the girl's hand and started jumping back and forth to the beat.  If any of the other kids were holding hands and dancing, they would slowly shuffle back and forth. To be honest, I wanted to laugh a little at how staged and grown-up everything felt, but the kids rarely seem to get fun/free time like this so there's no point being a grouch about it, so I enjoyed the chance to be with Charlie, meet his new teacher, and chat with some other moms. It looked like the kids had a great time and I'm sure its fun for them to dress up in anything NOT their school uniform.  Charlie wanted to dress up as a knight and wore his knight costume and king cape. He is such a handsome, happy, kind boy. We really lucked out with him (even if he IS going through to the disobedient 6/7 year old attitude stage). 

Our branch put on a Valentines Dance on the very night and I again enjoyed the time to dance! I even snuck in a dance in with Chris and had him all to myself for about a verse before the kids found us and demanded a spot. The music was awesome and the lighting and decorations were really great. It felt like a special party.  Chris and I decided to make our traditional Indian dinner the night before and ended up inviting our friends the Gines over to eat it with us. A pretty low-key and yummy valentines.  I never got myself together enough to make and send valentines out to grandparents or family, maybe next year. :) 

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Christy Harker said...

Love how open your rooms look now. Wow just looking at those pics made me tired of how much work you had to do. You guys are so patient, when I start something I feel like I need to finish it in one day or I don't get the motivation again for months. Love Charlie so much! He's such a sweet boy.