Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter and General Conference

During the Holy Week before Easter we tried to talk about Jesus more and I did a 7 day Testimony of Jesus Challenge were I studied specific aspects of Jesus life and role and journal ed experiences where my testimony of that aspect was strengthened. I didn't quite get to it every day but I had some good moments and I love the opportunity to really think about Christ. I should do it more often since I love how I feel when I feel close and connected to Him. Because of Him, really, truly all things are possible and joy, happiness and peace exist in my life.  Because He Lives, I love life. 

On Good Friday our Branch put on a musical fireside. I made the program (with some major printing issues and a pretty bad typo!) but managed to get there a little early still. The choir sang a bunch of numbers, I had a solo, "I Heard Him Come", the primary children sang some songs, Chris and I sang a duet "Were You There" and a YW sang a solo, and then we had a trumpet trio. Our choir director teaches trumpet at MSU and he got 2 of his students to accompany us on all but 1 of the choir numbers, and another YW played the flute. Our Branch President's wife played the piano or organ for every number (except Chris and my duet which was a cappella). We had potluck refreshments afterward. It was a nice evening, but I wish more people would've come. 

Easter Baskets in the morning. Hello sleepy-eyes. :) 

General Conference Weekend means no early-Sunday-morning meetings! 

We did our traditional Conference Cash and the kids could earn some treats by taking notes in their blank books. Let the record show that this picture was actually taken during the Music and the Spoken word. Chris did NOT sleep through conference this year. He listened, took notes and then made a completely scrumptious Easter Dinner Feast while I may have drifted off during the last talk. 

In between the sessions we did our Easter Egg Roll! My mom did this as a kid and I did it as a kid so we continue the tradition with much enjoyment. 

Frederick won!! Some sad siblings may have erased our bracket on the white board in an attempt to destroy the evidence. This makes Freddy the two-time defending champion and means he's held the title for his entire life. 

After dinner we had planned on doing an Easter Egg hunt, but ended up doing some service for one of our friends and took a family drive to pick her up from Lousiville to bring her home to Starkville. By the time we got home it was too late and kids were ready for bed. So we did our egg hunt the next morning before school. Both Chris and my phones were full and so we took pictures with the video camera but I haven't transferred the files to the computer yet. :) 

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