Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Exterior work, trimming inside

The brick masons came! It was finally dry enough for a few days to work on the outside. The way they set up their work reminded me of a pizza factory with round platters of mortar every few feet and stacks of brick in between. They would walk backwards as they laid the next row of brick - spread a layer of mortar a few feet across, dab some mortar on a brick, sandwich it down, wipe off excess, grab another brick and repeat.  They stayed late enough each day so that the boys could watch them for a bit when they got home from school. 

After trying out how Shakes looked on the front dormer, we X-nay-ed that idea and just put up some diagonal batons. I like it. We still need to decide on paint. 

They've trimmed in the windows and floor and doors and everything inside. Its getting so close!

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