Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring accomplishments

Frederick has successfully cut in 4 molars and got his last rounds of immunizations until Kindergarten Boosters! Yay! Unfortunately this means the past few weeks have been full of crying, runny noses, coughs and crankiness. On one occasion when the poor boy was so miserable Chris held him until he fell asleep. He is such a patient and tenderhearted father.  Some of his worst moments happened at during the Soccer jamboree. It was also Conference Weekend, and we had pictures for Charlie at 10:45, a game at 12, then pictures for Alec and Chris at 12:30 and then a game at 1, then Alec had another game at 4 and Charlie another at 5. I love watching my kids play sports and my husband coach, but it sure is difficult to manage it all from the sidelines sometimes. Keeping Frederick happy within a 3 sq foot radius is tricky..especially when he's not feeling well to begin with. I had to walk around and hold him while he cried himself to sleep. I wish we lived closer to family where they could help us juggle it all.  

Also Freddy successfully sits still for a few minutes at the library! 

Gwen has mastered the game of Uno and plays it about a hundred times a day. I play some games with her, but I reach my limit way before she does. So she continues to play against made up opponents like Sachi. Somehow, Gwen always manages to win...apparently Sachi always forgets to say Uno when she has one card left, and Gwen never misses a chance to call her on it. :) Also Sachi, unknowingly, often changes the color to whatever Gwen's last card is for her. 

Also, Gwen earned a little date with mommy and we went to watch our friends in the Jr. High production of The Little Mermaid. Gwen got to stay up late past her bedtime to do this and almost every 10 minutes would ask me how much past her bedtime it was. Also, she took a bath and tried on at least 2 different outfits so she looked just right for her date. She's adorable. 

Charlie started playing Coach-Pitch baseball! He's so brave and willing to try new things, I love that about him. He is a good player and catches on quick. They do the 3 strikes and your out rule, but Charlie has always managed to get a hit and make it at least to first base. There are so many rules though! During his first game, as an outfielder, he was able to get the ball a lot but didn't quite know what to do with it when he got it. I was wanting to shout out and tell him where to throw it, but I confess I had no idea myself! We did a special Family Home Evening lesson the next Monday and used army guys to explain the rules of baseball. Alec, Charlie and Gwen paid attention so well, it would be nice if they wanted to learn about prayer or charity with that much focus! 

Charlie also has one more week of soccer before the end of that season. He's a good defender and team player -- he doesn't take the ball from his own teammates and doesn't always run straight to the ball but instead positions himself between it and the goal he's guarding.  Charlie also got Student of the Month a month or so ago, but I never got a chance to get a picture of him with his ribbon or in his Fantastic Kid t-shirt. He looked great in it. :)

Alec finished Soccer! Some of the moms on the team ordered trophies for the kids! Alec is very proud. He made some beautiful goals the past few games, so I hear. I was at Charlie's games and missed them but Chris described them to me in great detail. Alec is quite talented and is a great defensive player with good instincts and positioning and a powerful kick. 

Also, Alec got Student of the Month and touched a frog in our backyard! He's a great studentNormally, we're all pretty skiddish around bugs and animals and what not, so this is a pretty good accomplishment. He almost picked it up before it hopped away and scared us all. :) 

I finished my quilt from last year! Well, I still have to do the back and get it quilted and then bind it, but seeing the top all sewn together inspires me to keep quilting! I love how it looks and each square reminds me of where I was when I worked on it. The big flowers in the corners I did when Chris was in the Tupelo hospital for his chemo rounds before the stem cell transplant, and the red stars, I did in Nashville when he was getting his stem cell transplant. Also I changed the pattern a bit and did a tree by the house instead of a big flower because I wanted it to remind me of the big trees here in Mississippi by our first house we bought.

Chris accomplished a lot this year as coach! His team made so much improvement since last Fall. The boys listen to Chris, and pay more attention to the game and try to pass more, and are quick to throw in "down the line" and stand "goal side" of the other players they're defending.  Not only have they improved in soccer skills but they all seem to be good friends and trust Chris. The parents have been super kind and supportive. Chris really did a great job. 

Also, Chris and I have made lots of decisions! We've decided on carpet, paint, tile, linoleum, knobs, cabinets, garage door, and electrical fixtures (actually we delegated that decision to Joe... he really is so great). I think the last thing is toilets and exterior paint color. I forgot to take a picture of our three interior paint sample swatches until after they got prime-ed over. oops!


Amy said...

You seem so busy! I love the quilt. It's beautiful.

dixie said...

What a great post. I want to play Uno with Gwen and watch the boys play sports and see your beautiful new house and your amazing quilt and be with your cute family. I miss you all.