Friday, April 10, 2015

State football practice

We were given the opportunity to watch the Mississippi State Football team practice! It was an event opened to all faculty and their families so Chris signed us up. We were given special badges and cookies and juice to start things off. There was SUPER loud music playing the whole time in the background with beeps or messages every now and then to signal some kind of change for the practice. There were SO MANY players and coaches with clipboards and support staff. We could tell that each practice required massive amounts of logistics. It brought me back to my highschool days, being a trainer/watergirl for my high school football team, but on a much larger scale. And by large, I mean gigantic! These football players are HUGE! I thought Chris was big, but he looks on the smaller side of average compared to many of the football players. When we were given a tour of the locker room, we found a pair of shoes that were actually bigger than Chris'. I didn't think that was possible. :)  

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