Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Charlie baseball

Charlie wanted to do coach pitch baseball this year because some good friends from his class were doing it. It was our first time our family did anything with baseball and it was a lot of fun! His season overlapped with his soccer season a little bit so it got kinda busy for a few weeks but the heavy rain has helped keep some evenings free. 

Charlie is a good little baseball player! He never struck out and everytime got on base except for once in the championship game, they got him out at first. He got a pop fly once and was pretty dependable overall. We had a lot of fun watching him and we're glad that the playground was so close to his field.  Frederick is such a busy toddler. Literally. Always. Moving. We've got to keep a close eye on him with the fire ant piles all over the place. 

Charlie's team did really well, only lost 1 game. They had a fun pizza party and gave out little baseball bat trophies at the end of the season. 

Even Grandma Dixie got in on the fun for his second to last game. She flew in town to watch the kids while Chris and I went on the pioneer Trek for our stake church youth group.  The championship game was going to be while Chris and I were gone so we told the coach Charlie wouldn't make it and he was like, 'no! We need Charlie!' And offered to come pick him up from our house and take home home again! Coach said Charlie never spoke a word the whole time! I knew he was nervous but he also was willing to do it. I love our courageous Charlie. 

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