Wednesday, May 27, 2015

No more mud! House color ideas

We've had this mud pit in front of our new garage that holds standing water for days after a big rain. Its Freddy's favorite place. He loves to play in dirt, throw dirt, sit in dirt and water just makes everything better in his opinion. 

After waiting for literally weeks and weeks, we finally got the concrete crew to come! But then I saw them putting the forms up and it was different then I thought it was supposed to be. So I nervously put everyone on hold until Chris could come home and look at it.  After talking with our contractor, we got it worked out but then the concrete crew never came back. I worried for more weeks of delay but it was only a day later that the concrete went in! Yay!!!! No more mud right outside our door. 

Also, we had to get serious about picking paint colors for the outside. We painted a bunch of samples on the outside and then took a picture and uses the computer to simulate the different colors across the entire house. It's tricky to try and match our existing style of house with the somewhat more modern style of the garage addition. 

In the end, we decided on the following two colors. But with rain, and frustrating we-lost-the-paint-color-samples-again problems, we haven't been able to see anything actually painted yet. Hopefully by the time we get back from Seattle. Hopefully. 

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