Monday, June 1, 2015

Trip to Memphis

Our nearest temple is in Memphis and so is the nearest Costco. We occasionally clear a Saturday to visit both places.  This particular time, we decided to make a little overnight trip of it. We leave just before school gets out and 3 hours later have 10 minutes to eat pizza at CiCi's before dropping me off at the temple to help work the Stake new member baptismal night. Meanwhile Chris checks into the hotel and then shops at Goodwill for some clothes for Trek with the kids. Then the next morning, it's Chris' turn to attend the temple while I swim with the kids in the hotel pool. Then it's out to lunch followed by a trip to Costco. Then we get home around 4pm. Kind of a long weekend but it's a good way for Chris and I both to have a turn in the temple and the 6 hours in the car is good practice for our cross-country drive to Seattle coming up in a month!!

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