Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of July

Happy Fourth of July! We celebrated with some friends and a hot dog roast. Except we boiled then broiled the hotdogs inside and saved the outside time for later in the evening when it wasn't too hot and the kids weren't too hungry. :) 

After a few hours inside the 11 kids 12 and under needed some time outside and some of us hopped the back fence to see the horses.  It is so picturesque on the farm out back. It makes me feel so happy to be out there. But smart Shandee spotted poison oak in our trees just before we hop the fence. YIKES! we've walked through there more than a handful of times and never noticed. The horses seemed friendly and the kids loved trying to feed them grass. 

Then instead of dealing with "traffic" and "crowds" and tired cranky kids we decided to skip the town fireworks and just build a fire and play with sticks in it and watch the fireflies. It sorta of worked for me. I had wanted to buy fireworks and looked at the two stores in town but am new to Independence Day in Starkville and found out from my friends that they while almost every kind of firework is legal in MS, you have to buy it OUTSIDE of town and can't light them off within city limits. Our house is out of city limits, so next year we just have to buy some fireworks outside of town and then we can have a real party. :) But 3 cheers for America, our Founding Fathers, our soldiers and veterans, and fun friends with whom we celebrate.

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