Friday, July 10, 2015

Gwen's birthday!

The customary birthday breakfast in bed. This time we served a frozen blueberry pancake, a small bowl of sugar cereal, water and chocolate milk. This one is easy to please as long as the food comes soon enough. This girl wakes up dreaming about breakfast...just like her mama. 

Sort of at the last minute we threw together a strawberry shortcake party (our friends are were so great to still be able to make it without more than a few days notice.)   Some pirates stole the jewels we were going to use to decorate the foam crowns but they left clues around the house and had these kids running from corner to corner before finally finding the missing treasure chest. :) Then we played 'Put the Strawberry on the Cupcake' and ate some delicious Strawberry shortcake. 

Our up and down, sweet and tough Gwendolyn is a mix of so many things. She loves Strawberry Shortcake and Tinkerbell, faeries and princesses, girl-y clothes, Fancy Nancy books, and singing. She also loves to play with cars, build with duplos or legos, ride bikes and scooters, and throw punches at her older brothers. She's nervous for Kindergarten and not really excited about having to wear "boy clothes" (khaki shorts and polo shirts) to school. I was given a bunch of old (but still in really great condition) school clothes from a friend who recently moved away from Starkville and lucky for her there are some skirts and jumpers in there too! She's quick as a whip with made up songs that rhyme and also with pestering her older brothers. She's more than ready for academics... she can already do simple addition problems in her head and read most simple words.  Her prayers are so detailed and imaginative.."thank you that we have shoes so our feet don't have to get all muddy when we walk outside" or "Thank you that we have food so our tummies don't grumble"  Most of the time her apologies (at least to me) after she's been boisterously unkind are sweet and sincere given with a quick but tender hug. We're so lucky to have her in our family and love her lots. 

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