Monday, August 3, 2015

Summer days

This is the first summer we haven't moved in 5 years. And 5 years ago, the summer Gwen was born, we moved twice! We had an entire month at home this summer without any major plans or trips. It has been SO NICE! I was actually quite nervous for it since the kids usually quarrel and fight so much when they're all at home together, and also because its so HOT and muggy outside I knew the house would just be a disaster every single day AND also because there's pretty much nothing to do inside, in town for kids for free (well thats not true, there is the library and we did go there at least once a week..) Anyway the point is, I wasn't sure how much I would like summer and turns out I like it just fine. I let the kids watch a movie every single day and after getting them to realize cleaning up a few things doesn't actually take that long we've managed to keep the house relatively tidy! As well, I've gotten better at ignoring messes. 

One Sunday afternoon the kids built this elaborate "house" with blankets and pillows and whatnot. Each of them had their own space and they moved the couches together in a great big bed for Chris and I. They really wanted to sleep there so we had a little family sleepover in the play room.  I only consented because I was fairly confident I could read the book we'd been reading together aloud (The Rithmatist), long enough for Gwen and Charlie to fall asleep. I was right. But I wasn't serious about Chris and I sleeping there with them. Except when Chris got in his pajamas and fell asleep at 9:00 on his side of the couch, I followed suit. I slept horribly and was so tired the next day. We realized later that both of us thought the other of us wanted to sleep there and was just going along with it for the other one. HA. Guess we need to work on communication. Always communication. :) 

Other current everyday moments:

Frederick playing peek-a-boo with the sheer curtains in my room. He can sit behind there and play for a bit, then climb out grab a new toy and re-situate himself back behind the curtain for a long time. 

Indoor picnic with a friend or two. This cutie pie is our neighbor girl. She's adorably, completely southern. And that is Alec trying to run away from the camera. He's fast, but not fast enough.

The dinner hour is always Freddy's crankiest times and I can get really frustrated standing at the stove or the sink with him standing at my feet, crying, trying to push me away from it. One day Chris was home early enough to take him. Instead of sitting down on the floor watching Freddy hand him this block or this car, I suggested he take Freddy out for a ride on the lawn mower....and mow the grass while he's out there! Two birds, one stone. It was great and with Frederick strapped safely to Chris' chest with a baby carrier, they were out there for a good 45 minutes. Awesome idea... one point for Mommy! Awesome, patient, willing Daddy...2 points for Chris!

On Amazon Prime Day, (which we thought was totally NOT up to the hype or worth the effort) we did buy one thing on sale - this fly bike for Frederick. He loves it and rode on it for about a week straight. He's even mastered enough to take it outside and cruises down our long driveway. He's such a brave boy with a high tolerance for pain. 

And he loves being independent. He walks over to the pantry, reached up high for the box of raisins, grabbed some plastic spoons and then quickly ran away to find a quiet spot to feast in peace.  I still found him. His level of cuteness is like a beacon of light. That and the fact that it was pretty quiet and he wasn't in sight. Usually that means one of two things. He's either eating something he shouldn't or playing in the toilet...sometimes both at the same time. 

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dixie said...

I love all these posts and great pictures. It is so wonderful to keep up to date on what you are all doing. Only it makes me miss you all so much!!