Saturday, July 18, 2015

Summer storms and biking on Tanglefoot

Maybe my favorite thing about Mississippi are the storms. I LOVE how dramatic they are. You can see them coming for a little bit. Maybe 10 minutes of super dark clouds on the horizon, then the wind picks up and blows things around in the air for 5-10 minutes and then the rain hits. And I mean HITS. It just pours out of the sky like a bucket of watery nails. Thunder and lightening every couple of minutes with some LOUD ones a couple of times for the whole storm. It lasts an hour or so. I wish I wasn't getting scared of lightening by all the crazy stories I've heard here so I could stand with my arms out in the middle of it all. But I try to be a good mom, for Chris, and tell my kids to stay under the porch at least while its lightening and thundering. 

 This particular day we had planned to ride bikes so instead we washed them. 

Did you notice that Gwen is still in her pajamas? Alec is too. That's one reason why I love summer days. Also, did you notice Frederick is wearing suspenders over his t shirt and sweatpants? The kids have made those their playthings this week - hooking up the two ends to two different kids on their hands and knees with the other kid holding the single end like reins. Giddyap! 

On Saturday we rode the Tangle foot trail with two friends, Shellie and Crystal. Chris was helping with a Elders Quorum service project in the morning... helping a nice older couple who live way out in the country cut back the trees and bushes from their path to their storm shelter. So it wasn't until 1:00 pm that we made it to the Algoma, MS (about an hour and 15 min away) to start riding. Shellie's bike thingy said it was 103 degrees Fahrenheit IN THE SHADE!! People looked at us like we were crazy but we did spot another biker or two on the trail so at least we weren't the only ones crazy.

I pulled the trailer with Gwen and Freddy on the way out, and Chris had it on the way back. Tanglefoot is an old train track paved over to create a bike trail... part of the Rails to Trails series. We had planned to just go to the next town about 6 and a half miles on the trail and then turn around. The boys did great and never complained. Charlie learned how to ride without his hands, and Gwen and Freddy were troopers in the back, but it was hot. 

At one point the bike thingy we were using to measure our distance only said we'd gone 3 miles but knowing we had to bike back as far as we biked out made us reconsider and Chris offered to turn around with the kids and let Shellie, Crystal and I go on to the end of our plan. Less than a mile after we left Chris and the kids we came to the next town! The bike thingy hadn't measured our distance correctly and the kids had actually gone over 5 miles out... so over 10 miles total. They're great. Big Thanks to Shellie for telling us about this trail and for getting us to actually get out and try it.

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