Monday, August 17, 2015

Trek family reunion and other stuff

We had a fun stake-wide Church youth activity... a survivor themed Standard's Night on Saturday. I came up with the idea and the other members of the Stake Young Women's presidency just embraced it and brought lots of really fun ideas to the table. We had a lot of fun and I think the youth did too. At the end of the night we had planned to watch a slideshow of the pictures from TREK and having a mini reunion for all the families. This meant that Chris needed to be there too which meant, we were bringing our whole crew. Chris took car of them in a side classroom while I ran around like crazy during the activity then he came out for the Trek reunion part and we reunited with 4 of our 7 Trek kids. It was really fun to see them all together again and hang out and reminiscence and introduce them to their younger siblings. We missed Kobe, Brody, and Tyson!

One day we found out about this local (Sturgis) bikers rally that was coming through town 45 min after school. So we parked near the main highway and watched a movie while we waited. The bikers came through and it was fun to see them (even if it sort of made me dizzy!) Not sure we'll do it again next year, but it was fun to see once. 

Cute Frederick moment 'reading' on the beanbag. He cuddles up with a blanket and pillow and babbles out loud as he turns pages.

Grandma Dixie's birthday presents for Gwen came! So fun to see her in the ballet clothes. 

While my friend Christy was here she helped me get the built-ins above the washer and dryer primed and chalked and Charlie helped me paint it. It looks really nice! I'm so glad we did this.

All the kids love to play with Freddy when they get home from school and Freddy seems to be a more willing playmate, now that he has more alone time in the mornings. Him and Charlie kept these hooded sweatshirts on outside for a long time... in 100 degree heat! 

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