Thursday, September 3, 2015

Before and Afters

Outside from the driveway BEFORE:

Outside from the driveway AFTER:

Close up outside by garage BEFORE:

Close up outside by garage AFTER

Inside the new garage BEFORE (the workers are installing the super awesome 10-12 person storm shelter):

Inside the new garage AFTER: 

Mudroom/Laundry Room BEFORE:

Mudroom/Laundry AFTER:

1/2 Bath BEFORE:

1/2 Bath AFTER:
 Storage room BEFORE:

Storage room AFTER:

Garage turned into Play/Storage/Mud/Laundry Rooms BEFORE: 

View of garage turned playroom from kitchen BEFORE:

View of garage turned playroom from kitchen AFTER:

Turning around we have the kitchen. I don't have a before picture, but we didn't change anything in the kitchen anyways yet, so it doesn't matter. :) 

Standing in the same spot, but turning the other way we have the old yellow room BEFORE:

The old yellow room AFTER:

View of the joining living room BEFORE:

View of the living room AFTER:

On the other side of the wall with the map we have the formal dining room - used as a craft room:

Again we have no BEFORE pictures because we haven't changed anything about this room yet. One day, it hopefully will be part of a nice big kitchen.

Spinning 180 from the last spot of the dining/craft room we have the entry way bath and front door. We haven't changed anything yet here but hopefully one day it will be raised a few steps and the door will be slightly moved to where the window is now and we'll have a little covered front porch.

Entry 1/2 bath.

Up the funny steep, narrow hardwood stairs off of the living room, we have a loft that we'll use for a library. No changes here.

Then below the library, off  a little doorway and down a few steps we have the master area. No renovation plans here:

Masterbath: we will hopefully update sometime, but for now the space, one sink, two closets, toilet room, shower and big tub are super comfortable!

Back across the living room we have an almost full length staircase going up to a landing area and the kids bedrooms. We had to lower the vaulted ceiling in the landing area to accommodate the new HVAC system to heat/cool the entire upstairs including the new bedrooms. We replaced the carpet and lowered some closet doors in the hallway that used to hang up in the air about 2 feet. 

Landing Area BEFORE:
Landing Area AFTER:

another view of the landing area AFTER.
We moved the corner closet from the first small bedroom to the other side of the room and joined it with one of the floating hallway closets in order to open up the bedroom so it could fit a bed bigger than a twin if we ever needed. 
First Small Bedroom BEFORE:

First Small Bedroom AFTER:

The large bedroom in the existing upstairs we didn't change at all. Hopefully soon we'll be able to replace the carpet to match the rest of the upstairs. This was the room all the children shared during the renovation. 

Large Existing Bedroom BEFORE:
Large Existing Bedroom AFTER:

View from the other side of the room:

The existing bathroom for all the kids bedrooms to share was one of the reasons for the whole addition. It didn't have a tub and is pretty tiny. Hopefully someday we'll update it but its not too bad right now:  

In order to connect the new bedrooms and bathroom that were built over the new garage with the rest of the existing upstairs we lost one of the small bedrooms and turned it into "the lounge" / a common room.

Pink Small Bedroom BEFORE:

Pink Small Bedroom turned into the Lounge AFTER:

View of the lounge from the other corner looking down the hallway to the new bedrooms. Eventually we want to do some built-in benches and bookcases:

The first door on the left is the new bathroom:

Then on the right is the brick room:

Then at the end is the big room:

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