Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Chris goes to Nashville for a CT scan

Chris had a checkup and CT scan out in Nashville. I really like being there with him whenever we get back scan results in case its bad, but its just such a headache trying to figure out what to do with the kids and the money for getting a hotel for the night isn't something we wanted to do and all signs with regards to Chris' health seemed to be normal and healthy so we risked it and sent Chris by himself. He decided to just fold down the back seats in the van (since our little accord doesn't do long drives anymore) and bring a memory foam topper and some pillows to sleep on in the car. He left around 4:00pm on a Sunday night and drove straight to the Vanderbilt hospital parking garage to the top story. Walked in to the hospital to use the bathroom and then slept in the car. He had to be ready for his scan around 6:00am.  That meant the kids and I riding in the little car dropping off and picking up for school. Chris and I would text each other pictures:

Eating at Au Bon Pain was one of my Happy things during Chris' stem cell transplant 2 years ago. Chris couldn't eat much of it then, but he's enjoying it now on all his trips back. They've totally remodeled the entrance so you can access it from inside the hospital - nice!

Oh, I guess I should give an update on Chris' scan.  The doctor met with him after but hadn't yet had a chance to get the results back and so he said, "everything is probably good." Hahaha. We know too well that "probably" doesn't cut it, but we decided to roll with the meaning and react like it was a clean scan. Chris kept checking his online MyVanderbilt account multiple times a day until we saw the actual scan results posted a few days later which were indeed 'good'. Still some build up of some kind in his neck but nothing is growing. Next scan isn't until February! Yay for 6 more months of worry-free health. 

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