Friday, September 4, 2015

Saturday work and fun

We've been working on the drainage ditch in between the garage and guest house. The workers just dumped a bunch of rocks in it without shaping the dirt and so we continued to have standing water puddles that would back up and spill out onto the driveway. So we had to shovel away all the rocks and then using shovels slope the dirt downhill to the backyard. In such a tiny space, it was super awkward but after a few Saturdays we got it shaped right. We still need to lay some fabric liner to prevent water from messing with the foundation then shovel the rocks back on. 

In other, yummier news, we successfully made donuts! 

And then we went to a free MSU womens volleyball game. They were playing SUU and Chris noticed that one of the girls on the SUU team was a Provo high graduate. He's so funny and cute the way he's so loyal to his High school. He brought a Provo High tshirt and waved it around at the SUU team whenever they looked.  

We got there way early to watch them warm up since we knew we'd leave at halftime to get the kids inbed. A sweet older man walked around before the game with a big bag of treats, handing them out to all the early bird spectators.  Hurray for sticky hands and happy kids!

I know most sports are like this, but the announcer and music were SOOO LOUD!!! Especially every time State got a point. 

State ended up losing but there were some awesome ralleys. On our way out, Chris waved the shirt one more time toward the Provo High girl and she finally acknowledged it with a little hand up, but her face and body language seemed SO embarrassed and confused! haha. It was pretty funny. 

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